Monday, 6 July 2015

Pebbles Hooper- Now We've Got Bad Blood...

'Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.'

I despair at what will become of you Pebbles because last week you exposed a bit of your soul and it smelled rank. Numerous layers of designer clothes will not quell the stench that has emanated from within. Last week when you claimed 'natural selection' had taken the lives of an Ashburton Mother and her three lovely children you stabbed your designer heels through the heart of a grieving community and enraged a nation. 

Parents everywhere responded to the tragic death of this well loved family, they can taste the fear of ever having their children harmed- your Mum and Dad probably feel it now as they watch NZ unfurl its wrath upon you for your spiteful words. When people feel sadness at another's tragedy it's called empathy, you didn't feel that did you Pebbles? What did you feel? Did you think it was all their fault and that they deserved to die because they weren't rich and clever(you're not) like you? Did you think they were poor, brown and dumb and therefore their lives were of no value? Indications are that Cindy George and her three beautiful children Teuruaa, Telyzshaun and Pio were lovely people. 

I don't want to make the mistake that you did and jump to conclusions about who you are but if I were to guess at it this is how it would go- I think you have grown up in a fake world, with fake friends and you falsely believe you are better than others, that you deserve your place in the world. Pebbles, rapists can wear designer clothes and have fancy jobs, so can pedophiles, con artists, murderers, lawyers, and socialites. If you believe that stuff is for special people you're wrong- clothes tell you very little about a person. 

The problem is that some people can only see the images and the outside stuff, they're blinded by it, while other people look into the eyes and see the soul. How is your soul adorned? You're only young Pebbles and there's still time for you to emerge from this empty shell refreshed, wiser, and with a heart.  The only good that could come from this situation is that a shallow, confused and uneducated girl could turn over a new leaf and have an internal makeover. Please don't do something gross like make a huge public donation- your money may impress your fake friends but it won't bandage the wounds you've cut into the grieving community in Ashburton. Don't appear on TV with a bleeding heart story about how bad you feel, and definitely don't make a designer t-shirt out of it. Start by cleansing your foul soul, feed it with life lessons from real people and learn the joy of giving without receiving.

Pebbles, I feel so enraged about what you said that I hoped you would die from the fumes of your designer nail polish so NZ could laugh at the irony that 'natural selection' had ended you. But, I chastised myself for thinking such a thing, and I would hug you with fervor if you could rebirth yourself and become a nice person.

To the family and friends of Cindy George and her her beautiful babies  who so tragically lost their lives- I hope that these comments are but nothing to you.  So great is your loss and grief that you will be seeking nothing but comfort from those that love and care about you and your lost loved ones.  The small community of Ashburton will stand strong about you. 

Rest in Peace- Cindy, Teuruaa, Telyzshaun and Pio.


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