Sunday, 2 October 2016

WOW Polly, Did you really say that!?

Stuff that's all terribly boring to Polly...
I attended WOW (World of Wearable Arts Award Show) in the weekend and it was mind-blowingly good.  My friends Mum was exceedingly generous in buying us some tickets and enabling my long held desire to attend.  We made a day-long road trip together from Palmy to Wellington with just enough time to check out David Jones, and then enjoy a mouth stimulating cocktail near the waterfront at Foxglove before the show.

The day was already a winner before I’d even stepped into the TSB Arena for WOW. It was in this wandering around Wellington stage that my friend brought up Radio DJ Polly Gillespie’s ranty- tanty article about WOW.  We both screwed up our faces and said “F*ck her”.  My friend had not even read the article because she thinks Polly is just pathetic and won’t give her the time of day anyway, but I just had to check it out.  Maybe she heard wrong, maybe, Polly who asks for so much tolerance and understanding for herself, would never criticise something she had never even seen, maybe it was a stitch up...

WOW!  She did it!! Unbelievably Polly took the time to weave a tale all about why she found WOW so annoying.  She actually called her uninformed perspective “anti-antsy-pantsy-arty-farty-fartiness”!  She went on to describe this world event of extremely high calibre “all a bit of a craft project on steroids." She thinks WOW is a giant inconvenience to her and her friends, who get exasperated by all the women that come and get in their way in Wellington.  

That’s fine to talk shit with your friends Polly, hell everybody does that right? But to publicly talk shit and belittle people that find it outrageous to buy a $500 t-shirt from your friends shop is just the height of snobbery. Personally I think most of the Radio DJ’s on popular radio are quite moronic (Vaughan Smith and Karen Hay are notable exceptions, as are probably most people on National Radio) and I’m shocked that people can listen without wanting to grate their ears off, but I wouldn’t usually pick a public forum to air that .  And besides, I’ve got an audience of say a few hundred people at most, not the tens of thousands that you probably have. 

When you ask “What would Coco Chanel say for God's sake?” well I imagine she wouldn’t waste her time talking to someone so ill-informed about fashion as you, she’d probably go to WOW to recruit talent and rejuvenate her soul. I also would like to point out that you are not living in “POLLYWOOD”, but actually Wellington, where people like the arts a lot!  It does seem that you think that WOW is “silly” because it’s not all about you.  Well thank goodness because POLLYWOOD would not be a place I’d like to hang out.  Your stunningly cruel jibes about how people outside of Wellington dress say nothing about them and everything about you.  You’re a mean girl Polly and extremely selfish.  Why couldn’t you just say that shit to your friends and leave it at that?

So let me fill you in on the people that you have been talking shit about.  Well, for a start Dame Suzie Moncrieff whose heartfelt write up at the beginning of the programme should have you weeping tears of sorrow for your ‘silly’ words.  This amazing woman spent her life making WOW what it is and still feels passionate about she’s done.  I want to cry with gratitude for the inspiration that she is, if only you would cotton on Polly. The Directors from Inside Out productions Mike Mizrahi and Marie Adams along with artist Reuben Paterson who created this stunning show from threads of creativity inside their heads probably and hopefully won’t be wounded by your mindless comment. Probably Weta , who made the giant lifelike tiger that moved and spoke with Jermaine Clements voice, they might feel a bit put out about it.  Maybe Don Mcglashan who worked on the cleverly chosen music that saturated our souls, or the lighting guy that had us enthralled with at times terrifying and at times mesmerising light work might feel a bit f*cked off Polly.  Maybe the dancers that kept the show pumping on a set that moved, a magical constantly changing set, might feel miffed.  How about the designers that aren’t actually trying to make any type of clothing that you might want to wear? That’s really silly Polly- WOW is about art, it’s about showing just how amazing your skills are, what you can achieve when your creativity and your skills combine.   I’m not sure how long their designs take but I could well imagine it would be months if not years of work.  An award for your entry could be a career defining moment in a young designer’s life, not to mention for the models, dancers and all the cast and crew that create such an amazing spectacle.

Because I’ve seen how upset you get when people say bad things to you, I am utterly gobsmacked at your ruthless casting aside of the skills of such a huge bunch of talented people, basically anyone who participates in the arts, and their appreciation society.  At the very least you could have witnessed it first hand before you commented.

 I’d like you to suck it up and go see a show Polly, buy a programme so you can read about the amazing people behind the scenes, then, at least, you can comment with some knowledge which would be a great turnaround from your ignorant uniformed rant.  

I hope next year someone enters a design called Polly’s Big Mouth, and that it takes up the whole stage and maggots fall out of it, or maybe you could just open the show with a giant apology...

P.S. I drove my car all around Wellington and I hope I cut you off... 
probably not supposed to use this image.

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