Monday, 20 July 2015

Ode to Pug

Oh precious, prolific, pants eater!
Curly tailed ,idiot Pug
Beige, brick shaped, bundle,
Eyebrows and horrible feet,
Curly tailed, idiot Pug.

How your bulging eyes
Stare into my stupid heart.
Your squashed, snuffling nose, so intimate
Curly tailed, idiot Pug.

Guilty packages left in wrong places enrage,
Yelping yaps greeting visitors annoy.
Muscle bound and ferocious
Curly tailed, idiot Pug

But your endless love 
Strokes a wounded heart.
Your wrinkled forehead 
begs questions and concern.

Grim days you are my guru wise Pug.
No holding back 
(or trying without success) boundless love.
Dependable, disobedient, comedic,
Curly tailed, idiot Pug. 

Warm, heavy body -pug hug,
My lap is your Mecca.
Curly tail wrapped round my wrist-
Pug bracelet bliss. 

Oh how I love my curly tailed, idiot Pug...