Saturday, 13 September 2014

Naked Selfies

Don't expose yourself to criticism by sending naked pics to unreliable sources.
Where to start on a topic so rich as this? I've felt many things in regards to stories about naked selfies.  The most recent and high profile release of one was of Jennifer Lawrence after she allegedly had them hacked from her phone. I haven't been tempted to look at them at all as that was her private business and I'm pretty sure she didn't make them for me to view- so I felt sorry for her that her intimate moment meant for herself or a loved one has been taken away from her.  I don't think  she should feel ashamed of herself as she clearly has every right to share this picture with someone if she wants to and no one has the right to take that from her.  It's really the selfie thieves that should feel ashamed.

I've heard so many times now about guys sending dick pics to girls and posting them on tinder etc.  Mate we assume if we're interested in guys then it's highly likely you've got a penis.  We don't need to see the proof and nor do we want to, if that's the best you can do you probably just are a dick and not worth bothering with. If you do want to send a dick pic then just send it to your mates- seriously- they are probably much more interested than us chicks.

What does seem to be highly prized and has stood the test of time are pictures of naked women.  In the past these pictures were more likely to be found in a Playboy magazine, or a 'dirty girls' calendar or such other smutty publication.  I suspect even getting your wife or girlfriend to agree to have a photograph taken of them in the nude would be a tough ask prior to the privacy of digital technology, as the embarrassing wait for photo's to be developed at the local shop would be too much to bear. But now that we all have our own personal digital device and can share pictures privately and quickly, the allure of sexting and provocative picture sharing has freed up a whole new world of foreplay and enticement.  Sadly though, if you send  your picture to an unreliable source they may expose you in ways you did not consider when you were all hot and heavy and snapping away.  If I'd even found a picture of a naked person when I was younger I'd have to physically take it and show it to people which would both limit the number of viewers whilst also exposing myself as an unreliable person to share secrets with.

I'm not sure why so many teenage girls seem to so easily gift naked selfies to sometimes even unknown guys.  Teenage girls risk opening themselves up to harsh criticism of their bodies and to having their picture shared far and wide amongst their peers.  I think if you send naked selfies to a teenage boy he is highly likely to share this trophy with his mates.  Girls, wait till you are in a long term relationship with a trustworthy partner before you start sending naked pics. Of course if you don't mind having heaps of people see you naked then snap away- though I suggest if you are under 18 you are probably not mature enough to make a good decision about this.  Also, just an idea, since these pictures are so sought after by teenage boys and since you would be the one taking all the risk why not try and get something for it. "$100 for a picture of my tits" once you've got the money just take a picture from google images and send it to him...

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Ginny Blackmore's Song Bones makes me rage!

Ginny Blackmore's song 'Bones' just drives me bloody crazy!  I've posted the video below for those who haven't heard it before but it's likely you have since it's been pretty popular worldwide.  Maybe you like the sound but haven't really listened to the words.  It's true she is a nice singer and the music sounds good too, but the words are just shameful in my opinion.  Poor Ginny- if she's writing this song about herself- she needs to get some self esteem and move on!  I'd expect to hear this sort of shit from a teenage girl maybe, but if you're an adult- she's 27- then you've got issues- if you're putting up with the sort of relationship she's describing in this song.  Here's why I wouldn't bother even writing a song about a pitiful relationship such as the one described in 'bones'.

First verse- "it sucks being in love with an unkind man"- that's actually not his fault.  The problem here is why she is in love with an unkind man?  Maybe he didn't seem unkind in the beginning?  Obviously he does now- don't put up with that bullshit Ginny, leave!

"talk to me like a regular tramp trying to screw you" "serve your ass steak and beer" - are you kidding me??? Does this make anyone else angry? He talks to her like she's a tramp and she serves him steak and beer!!!  Ginny- if he is unkind to you and you stick around and lay your bones down with him and serve him all the good snacks he wants, then what do you expect?  He's got everything he wants there without giving you anything, you're even writing a song for this arsehole!  You're sitting on a goldmine love, if you're gonna give it away to any idiot then you should consider making them do a few things for you first!  Maybe you need your lawns mowed and your car washed?

The chorus- "come and lay your bones down with me".  No Ginny, don't lie down with this piece of shit.  Pack your bags and go.  He's not worth inviting in to your special sanctuary.  No it's not love it's a Man with nothing better to do and a poor girl with low self esteem trying to do anything to get his attention, love and respect.  I recommend you leave immediately and if he's got a nice mate make sure you get some action with him and rub that in this shit-heads face.  You know you're pretty Ginny, you don't need some guy to tell you this, and if you do it's time to spend some time single learning to love yourself. 

Second Verse- "I'm not trying to play the victim"  That's exactly what you're doing Ginny, that's why you said you weren't. You are a victim and that's very sad, what's worse is that you are making yourself the victim- not him.  He doesn't love you, as his actions so clearly demonstrate.  He's not doing anything wrong he's just putting up with a sweet arrangement for him while he's at a loose end.  He didn't make you the victim you're choosing it! 

Third verse- you stared him in the eye and told him you loved him and wanted him and he's staring at a wall?  You're asking "do you even like me at all"?  This definitely isn't love Ginny.  Maybe he's staring at the wall because he's trying to subtly let you know that the writing is on it- no he doesn't like you, please stop talking about love to him, what is wrong with you?  Also, if he's staring at the TV and not talking to you here's a list of things you could do- read a book, do your nails, have a bath, go out with your friends, find a new place to live, get on your tinder account and find out who's hot and within 100 meters of your location(really, you couldn't do much worse than this guy...).

The ending- Omg Ginny!!!! You're actually pleading with the guy to love you?  Your self respect has hit an all time low.  Oh god Ginny I feel sick inside for you.  When you really do meet the right guy you won't need to ask for anything.  You will feel full to the brim with happiness, and really anything less is just not worth it.  Single life and friendships are really so much fun and so fulfilling that you should only really depart from it for something that you can't bear to be without.  The real deal isn't complicated or hard at all, it works, it happens, it fizzes, because it's right for two people(or more if that's what you're into).  
Please Ginny- write a song to show us you've recovered from this horrible part of your life.  Write a strong self loving song and maybe pour some hate on this guy.  Perhaps listen to some Alanis Morrisette for inspiration?  Here's a hug for you Ginny, right down to your bones.

PS. Music videos tend to make heartbreak look romantic- it sure isn't like that in real life, it's actually really shit.
Ginny Blackmore- Bones