Monday, 22 June 2015


Sorrow is a gatecrasher to an otherwise ordinary day,
A blunt knife to the heart,
pain and pressure,
no quick end to suffering.
Sorrow squeezes the chest, an awkward quickening to the breath causes gasps for air through a swollen throat. 
Sorrow dulls the eyes, steals the light, leaves a hole in the soul,
Loneliness and fear are its bad crowd. 
Sorrow grips the forehead, deadens the limbs and drowns hope,
Sorrow pulls downward to an unknown destination. 
Sorrow taunts joyfulness, hope and relaxation. 
Sorrow paints a frown and sketches lines,
Sorrow flourishes in unreturned love, co-stars with regret and celebrates with tears. 

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