Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Nazty Naz Wins Competition to be NZ's Most Hated Woman

Nazty Naz

Just when Naz was starting to win some of New Zealand over with her cutsie smile, crinkly nose and girly laughter, out she comes with all guns blazing!  I hope you’ve got your passport ready Naz, because you’ve just won the competition, and are now New Zealand’s most hated woman.  On the plus side I guess Judith Collins is now heaving a great sigh of relief and preparing to hand over the crown.

In what was a pretty cringe worthy show, our Monday and Tuesday night guilty pleasure, this episode absolutely took the cake!  Was it Mike Puru squirming uncomfortably in his chair as he tried to get the girls to ‘open up’, Jordan’s maugerly boring chat, or the clearly irate girls that felt that they’d been held in ‘captivity’ in a Mansion!  No, it was the shocking entrance of Naz theNazty Queen as she snaked down out of her tree in the garden of Eden and showed her true colours- and what awful colours they were.

Naz entered unapologetically, and launched into an expletive filled diatribe that virtually nobody had immunity from, except precious Jordan of course.  The audience gets both barrels when she responds to a clearly quite perceptive audience member that yells out a very succinct description of Naz.  “come up here and say that, I f****n dare you” or something pretty rank and disrespectful for live TV  that she yells back.  Again Naz is clearly just being ‘confident’ and forgetting to be ‘respectful’ to others.  Or maybe it’s us, we’re just not confident and strong like her...

Next in the line of fire is Kate.  After asking Naz why she had made it onto Naz’s ‘hit list’ when she hadn’t even talked to her, Naz replies ‘I talked to you in the house, don’t talk shit’ I don’t want to exactly quote Naz because 1) I know how much it annoys her when people get it wrong, and 2) I’m already wasting heaps of time just writing about the psycho already. 

Well, Kate shone tonight.  Good on you Kate.  You weren’t scared to let Naz know she wasn’t worth wasting your time on.  Kate and Gabs were confident, respectful and truthful.  One can only hope that Kate gets some ‘alone time’ with Naz after the show- now that’s some reality TV I’d like to see.  I suspect that Naz won't be partying with 'the girls' after the show- she'll need a special escort to get her safely passed a simmering lynch mob of designer dresses and perfume.

Because I started watching The Bachelor a few episodes in, I never had the displeasure of viewing that half witted fellow bitch of Nazty Naz – Claw-ditz or something like that.  One could not meet a shallower, more idiotic, fame hungry, desperate woman. I’m guessing you’ll be able to pick up her designer clothes at bargain prices tomorrow. Still at least she was there so that Naz had someone to sit beside and rudely interrupt, giggle and point with. 
Mauger disappointment

To be sure Jordan was a mauger disappointment.  What do we really know about him.  Not much, and to be fair it seems like that is all there is to know.  If you close your eyes and listen to him speaking he sounds ‘exactly’ like John Key.  If you ask him a straight forward question he sounds ‘exactly’ like John Key.  He just beats around the bush using benign, meaningless lingo.

Watching Naz greet Jordan as though he was still her ‘babe’ was just plain horrible.  And rather than act like a gentleman and kindly deflect her clingy, possessive behaviour, Jordan acted in a maugerly spineless way.  He let Naz get all close and personal without thinking about Fleur’s feelings at all.  Good old Kate was onto it though, she made some noise about it and rightly so.  High five Kate - you beauty!  If only Jordan had rescued the situation by saying something like ‘I knew all along it was Fleur’ but no, the clumsy idiot thought we’d all feel sorry for his ‘difficult choice’ between Naz and Fleur!!!!   Nice one mate, hard to understand why you were single eh?!

Question time just got worse and worse.  A clearly irate group of 'girls' ask some confronting questions and make some underhanded jabs about the whole Bachelor show.  Mike looks like he knows things are out of control and starts to glow with a thin sheen of nervous sweat.  At this point the only thing that could save the show is if Jeff from Survivor came and took over.  Naz still thinks her and Jordan are ‘a thing’ and tries to answer questions that the girls have directed to Jordan.  Taking a swipe at Ceri when she asks Jordan why he concealed his acting career from the girls, Naz tries to deflect this question by saying that Ceri only did The Bachelor so that she could get onto Dancing with the Stars.  Well Naz might as well have just punched a puppy on TV! Everybody hates her, her fate is signed, sealed and delivered.  Well, maybe Jordan still likes her- because he’s very, very stupid.

Maugerly concerned about her new boyfriend
Fleur’s entrance to the show is a relief.  All the ‘girls’ like her, as do the majority of New Zealanders.  Even Jordan likes her quite a bit.  She is demur, genuine and lovely which is nice.  However, it’s all a bit sad because her future relationship with Jordan looks like it’s going to be maugerly disappointing. Everyone wants Fleur to be happy, it just seems highly unlikely that Jordan is going to be the key to that happiness.  

The only future for Naz is as the future Bachelorette, otherwise she might as well call Natalia Kills and Willie Moon for advice on how to cope when New Zealand hates you.

UPDATE**** Having learnt nothing from her disgraceful behaviour screened on TV last night, Naz rolls out even more of her Nazty behaviour on The Edge radio station this morning. You can see her happily giggle away while she reveals that she slept with Jordan multiple times...click here to watch her nazty, manipulative act.

Following this Jordan and Fleur arrive for a 'chat' with Jay Jay, Dom and Randall and boy is it disappointing.  Again Jordan explains just how tough it was to choose.  Really!!! Has he learned nothing?  Has nobody leaned in and said 'look mate, even if that's true, The Bachelors over now and you're best not to say that'!  Jay Jay even asks Fleur how she feels when he says that and Fleur agrees it's hard- but still Jordan hasn't cottoned on.  I'm beginning to think he should have chosen Naz. Watching Naz play with Jordan like a cat torturing a mouse would be a great follow up show for The Bachelor. And seeing Fleur live happily ever after with someone who thinks she is their true one and only would be the kind of happy ever after most of us would like to see for her.